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Kate heralds from the south of England, but her « I’ll just spend a year in France » ended up becoming a rather more permanent arrangement in 2004 after predictably falling in love with a Frenchman – with whom she now has two delightful small Franco-British children.

Kate started penning short stories and poetry from the age of nine, and never really stopped. She began the Divide and Rule trilogy in 2011 as a future bedtime story for her bilingual daughter Margot. Kate does have a day-job in modern diplomacy (histoire de payer les factures) which she manages to do fairly well despite being constantly distracted by ideas for poems, a twist in a book plot, or a new blog post on feminism.

Kate has BSc in European Union Studies (not that she can remember anything about the European Union, except that it is a Good Thing) and an MSc in Poverty Reduction from SOAS, with a thesis comparing family planning in Anglophone and Francophone countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  She has been lucky enough to travel widely, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and North and Central America (including a stint living in Mexico which somehow counted as part of her Eurasmus year).

When not writing (or thinking about writing), Kate enjoys running, Franglais conversations with her children, and intense discussions (usually about gender equality) with close friends.

She also likes eating: all the staples and five-a-day (as one should) with regular top-ups of Haribo (as one also should).

Kate lives near Paris with her family.  Being in France is generally good fun, but she admits to regular cravings for cheddar, good BBC period dramas, and decent customer service.